VirtaPay is a virtual currency, like Bitcoin




VirtaPay Re-Branding into Crypto Currency ‘Virtacoin’


Bitcoin is the first virtual currency to gain widespread attention and growing acceptance around the world. Bitcoin is known as a crypto-currency because it uses a cryptographically secure, peer-to-peer, distributed network. This allows Bitcoin to operate without central servers, making it nearly impossible to shut down without the consent of all bitcoin holders.

Bitcoin’s technology has set a new standard for virtual currencies. We have chosen to follow a course similar to Bitcoin. We plan to convert VirtaPay into a crypto-currency, using a framework similar to Bitcoin’s. We are calling this effort the Satoshi Project – in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.
Once the Satoshi Project is complete – with VirtaPay fully converted into a crypto-currency – this will bring the ability to easily exchange between VirtaPay and bitcoin.

We are in the process of converting VirtaPay into a decentralized crypto-currency, like Bitcoin.

VirtaCoin Publish for Public July 2014

VirtaCoin is a decentralized crypto-currency, like bitcoin. In fact, it is based on the bitcoin codebase, so it works almost exactly like bitcoin.

    VirtaCoin is “owned” by everyone who holds the currency. It is up to the VirtaCoin community to collectively contribute and make VirtaCoin what you want it to be. How you contribute depends on your skills, abilities and available time. Please consider helping in one or more of the following areas…

    • Forums – VirtaCoin needs places for the community to gather and discuss issues and ideas. You could set up a forum, become a moderator, or even just contribute your ideas and opinions on a VirtaCoin community forum.
    • Exchanges – If you would like to exchange your VirtaCoin for bitcoin, for other crypto-currencies, or even for fiat currency, please contact crypto-currency exchanges and follow their procedures to ask them to list VirtaCoin.
    • Solo Mining – To earn more VirtaCoin and contribute computing power to securing the VirtaCoin network, you can try solo mining.
    • Mining Pools – If you have the knowledge, you can create a mining pool. This helps large groups of people to work together and share in the mining rewards, while helping to secure the VirtaCoin network.
    • Developers – If you are a programmer, or know someone who is, you can help to maintain and improve VirtaCoin by working on the open source VirtaCoin Project on GitHub.




    Launch PayBox for :- You’ll help shape the development of the best payment system ever designed for the Internet.Paybox Launch in 2010.

    PayBox is developing an online currency and payment processing service to make buying and selling online easiermore secure and available to everyone.

    Stages of development planned to launch in 2011:

    • Person-to-Person transactions.
    • Small Business integration, including payment processing modules for all popular shopping cart software.
    • Mid-sized Business integration.
    • Major Online Store integration.
    • Debit Card linked to your PayBox account.
    • Currency exchange with all major world currencies.



    Re-Branding Paybox into Virtapay –2011

    launch VirtaPay for:- VirtaPay is developing a private virtual currency and payment processing service to make real-world buying and selling online easiermore secure and available to everyone.

    Now working:

    • Person-to-Person transactions.

    Coming soon:

    • Payment processing for digitally-delivered goods.

    In development:

    • Merchant website integration, including payment processing modules for popular shopping cart software.
    • Facebook integration features.
    • And much, much more…